Beaver Women's Soccer Team Suffers First Loss

Yvonne moves the ball downfield.
Yvonne moves the ball downfield.

By: Matylda Zamudio

Bethany, W.Va.– For their first road game of the season, the Penn State Beaver women's soccer team traveled to West Virginia on Saturday to face Bethany College, where they were defeated 0-10.

During the first eight minutes of the game, Beaver had difficulty with ball possession and made no shot attempts; at goalie for Penn State Beaver was senior Brittany Zahn, who kept the defense alive with two saves. But during the next two minutes, Bethany managed to outmaneuver Beaver's backfield and scored two goals. Despite two substitutions during the latter half of the first period, Beaver's defense was penetrated once again, and Bethany scored another goal, as Beaver headed into the second period down 1-3.

As the first five minutes of the second period ensued, Beaver continued to struggle with maintaining possession of the ball. However, Zahn sustained her momentum, facilitating her for two more saves. Nevertheless, 50 minutes into the game, Beaver's defenders lost their step and Bethany scored two goals in two minutes, leaving the score 0-5. Beaver weathered the storm during the remaining portion of the second quarter, but they remained scoreless while Bethany went on to score five more goals, handing the ladies their first loss, 0-10. 

Now 0-1 overall, the women's soccer team will head back on the road to face Point Park on Wednesday, September 5 at 4:30 p.m.